Profilence is a pioneer in advanced software quality assurance solutions and services for automotive, medical, and smart devices. Based in Finland and working with customers worldwide, their patented QA platform and expertise have accelerated the development of dozens of products and prevented critical software issues from reaching end users.

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Ensure finding the hard-to-find defects before your end-users do

Profilence Quality Analytics Suite assembles and analyzes all QA test data providing the prioritized summary of software stability,

performance, power consumption and functionality levels at one sight.

What can you analyze with Profilence Platform

The most advanced technology platform to analyze Android, Linux and iOS devices and Enterprise applications

stability, performance, functionality and battery consumption.


Android Automotive crash discovered

TomTom IndiGO Setup

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We started creating showcase videos to demonstrate how our QA Suite works in practice and how the analytics results can be browsed to discover the root causes of defects found.

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